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Where Wishes Come True

When I was going through recruitment, I knew I had found my home at Chi O. The kindness of the women radiated throughout the house, and I knew that this was where I wanted to be. I instantly felt so much love, not only for the women in this chapter, but for the philanthropy too. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is such a great organization, and I could see how passionate the girls were about it. I immediately knew that I wanted the Chi O women to be my sisters, and I wanted to be involved with Make-A-Wish.

The Eta Delta Wish Exec was very motivated to help raise money for granting wishes. I applied to be on the Marketing Team of Make-A-Wish this year, and I learned so much. We spent the last semester collaborating and organizing fundraisers to raise money for the cause. It was such a privilege to work alongside these women as we prepared for our big fall fundraiser, Froyo for Wishes. As the weeks got closer to the Froyo date, we began to prepare. Banners were painted, froyo and toppings were purchased, graphics for advertising were designed, and most importantly, tickets were sold. It was such a fun night! I loved working the froyo machine, trying to make the perfect swirl in each cup. The topping bar was also fun to set up; we crushed the Oreos, crumbled brownies, and separated the candies into cute little bowls to serve them out of. The line was long on the Eta Delta porch as customers waited for their froyo. More than 600 people bought Froyo for Wishes tickets, and $2,600 was raised for Make-A-Wish.

2021-22 Make-A-Wish Executive Board

The happiness I felt on the night of the event was like nothing I had ever felt before. It warmed my heart to see everyone gathered at the house, laughing and smiling, waiting for their froyo. I kept thinking about how all these students were each contributing towards granting a wish that will mean the world to a child. After all the guests had left and we were cleaning up, I looked at the women around me with a sense of pride. I realized that we, Eta Delta, were impacting children’s lives, one wish at a time.

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