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Dear Potential New Members,


My name is Kate Urbancic, and I have the privilege of serving as Eta Delta’s Recruitment Chair. Welcome to the University of Florida! My sisters and I are excited to meet you!


At the beginning of my recruitment experience, I was not sure what I was looking for. I started thinking about the qualities I value in friendships. Three days in a row during recruitment week, I walked out of Chi Omega with a feeling of peace. The women I spoke to were exactly the kind of people I wanted to surround myself with. They were confident, sincere, and kind. They made me feel loved and appreciated, like I did not have to change anything about myself to be friends with them. Two years later, I feel the same way about the women in Chi O that I did during recruitment week. My life feels complete with Chi O, and my sisters are some of my favorite people in this world. They inspire me, challenge me, uplift me, and, most of all, love me for me. They are true friends, and I could not imagine my college years without them.

I encourage you to be open-minded and to make choices for yourself throughout recruitment. Take time to listen to everyone you meet; there is something valuable in every conversation. Let your best self shine. You are so important, and I hope you find people who remind you of that, just as I have found in my sweet sisters of Chi Omega.


All my love,


Fall Recruitment Information


For more information regarding Formal Recruitment, please visit the UF Panhellenic Website.


If you are a Chi Omega alumna looking to recommend a Potential New Member, please contact our Recruitment Chair, Kate Urbancic, at

Alumnae may also download the Recruitment Introduction Form (RIF) from the Chi Omega website and mail the completed form to:

Chi Omega, Attn: Kate Urbancic
807 West Panhellenic Drive
Gainesville, FL 32601

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