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If the Walls of Eta Delta Could Talk...

Written by Catherine McCarthy (MC '21)


During recruitment, I loved looking at the chapter composites lining the walls. It made me endearingly curious about all the women who had once been in my exact same shoes and found their home here in Eta Delta. I wondered what they would tell me about being a Chi Omega if I could talk to them. Since going Chi O on Bid Day, I have explored 807 W Panhellenic Drive as a new member and now as an initiated one. From every conversation I had during recruitment and through every woman I met, I knew I was joining a chapter of strong history and tradition that was filled to the brim with love. I caught myself becoming invested in this history throughout the new member process. I constantly wondered what Eta Deltas of the past wore, what they laughed about, what they sang about, what their favorite memories of living in the house were, and when they realized they wanted to be a Chi Omega.

If the walls of Eta Delta could talk, I think they would tell the rich, lively stories of its members. They would know the inside jokes that keep laughter echoing through the hallways. They could sing the songs girls dance to in the living room while making Tik-Toks. They have heard every whisper, every secret, every reason for every smile. They have been here through it all.

“If the walls of Eta Delta could talk, they’d tell you that no matter how much time passes, no matter how different the 807 looks, no matter the trends that come and go, the women of Eta Delta remain committed to growing together in sisterhood and pushing each other to become the most confident, authentic versions of themselves.” - Chase Granger MC ‘14

The walls hold memories, both figuratively and literally. Both in the frames on the shelves and etched deep in the light blue paint. They know what the sunsets of the last 74 years looked like. They know the truth and the light of the women who call this place home. They would undoubtedly sing the lyrics to DixieLand Delight on Bid Day right along with us. From my first few months as a Chi Omega, I can wholeheartedly say that the walls of Eta Delta support the foundation of what a sisterhood in this chapter means.

“If the walls of Eta Delta could talk, I think they’d first laugh, but the kind of laughter that happens when you just know that what’s happening couldn’t get any better than it is. A laughter that encompasses a perfect mixture of nostalgia, excitement, and understanding. I think that as overused as the word sisterhood can seem to get when it comes to Greek Life, there truly isn’t a better word than “sister” to describe the relationships between the women who live here. The friendships are ones that are dependable and constant but also exciting and new. These walls witness sisters become best friends on a daily basis, and I think that’s one of the best parts of Eta Delta. Eta Delta doesn’t put an expectation or timeline on the friendships and bonds formed. It smiles at the perfect timing of sisterhood, and how it works in such intricate and purposeful ways for genuine, healthy relationships to form.” - Sarah Devine MC ‘18

As I look back, I realize that Chi Omega is one of those things that you can’t imagine life without once it becomes a part of you. I can’t wait to grow here knowing that the walls surrounding me have built friendships and memories that will last a lifetime and always remain supportive.

Next time you find yourself in the house, I encourage you to listen. You’ll hear distant laughs, maybe even Jason’s music as he prepares dinner. You’ll hear the memories being made as they are happening. You’ll hear the song of sisterhood that every Eta Delta sings.

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