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Journey to House Manager

As a freshman last year, I lived in a dorm far from the Chi Omega house. I unfortunately didn’t go to as many meals or events that were at the house because it was not near any of my classes. I knew I wanted to change that my sophomore year, so I decided to apply to live in the 807. I wasn’t sure how competitive it would be to get a spot on the list, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I was so excited when I saw my name on the in-house list, and I couldn’t wait to move into a house full of girls who I love hanging out with. I also knew that by being at the house, I would be exposed to more opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to experience. I loved the idea that I would be living in a house that makes up a key part of our chapter’s history. Knowing that so many of my sisters in Eta Delta have made incredible memories in these rooms made me want to create those types of memories as well.

Living in-house has exceeded all my expectations. I am more involved in the Chi Omega sisterhood altogether, I have participated in events within the Panhellenic community, and I have bonded with a lot of my sisters whom I didn’t know well last year. For example, this year I started going to Owl Shack Bible study, where we sit on the back porch, read the Bible, and spend quality time with one another. If it weren’t for living in-house, I probably would not have grown closer with those girls.

Living in the 807 has also pushed me to become a stronger leader. During the fall semester, I pushed myself to ask questions about serving as House Manager and learn about the position’s role on the Executive Board. I was so honored that my sisters saw my commitment to serve and slated me as House Manager for the 2022-23 year. Being the new House Manager has come with a lot of responsibilities, but I am so thankful for this position in Chi Omega. I want my sisters to enjoy living in-house, and I’m so excited that I have the ability to make that happen as House Manager. If it weren’t for living in the Chi Omega house, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

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