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Being Big, Even When Things Feel Little

We are halfway through the fall semester! This time of year could easily be one of my least favorites. The fall semester is chaotic; we may still be adjusting to the new school year on top of midterms, other campus responsibilities, and not to mention the physical, mental, and emotional endeavor that is a noon kickoff. However, this time of year is one of my favorites just because of all the little things surrounding fall. While I love the colder weather, football, and coffee flavors, these are not the little things I am referring to, although all of these together have a big influence on why I love fall.

One of the toughest things I have learned as a college student is that life is not about the “big” things. I'm sure most of us can relate to spending time trying to figure out the big picture that is our future, our careers, or our goals. However, thinking and planning these “big” things are useless without focusing on the little things. We reach these milestones by taking one small step at a time. The small things determine our attitudes and behavior. The small things are what the big things grow from. The small things that we often overlook or forget about will be the things we look back and remember.

I often struggle with going too fast, and I have had to learn to stop and tell myself to slow down and not overlook the little things. I learned to stop and take time for the little moments and the people in front of me, versus spending the present planning out my uncertain future. It is so important to be present with where we are and who we are with right now.

The future we seek to achieve will always be there. That college or program will always be there. That career will always exist. You will always be able to go to that new place. Your Monday test will be over by Tuesday. Your best friend will only turn 20 once. Those one or two people who do not really make you feel the best when you are around them don’t need to influence you or your happiness for another day. Tomorrow might be busier than you thought, so call that person you’ve been meaning to tonight. You may never know how much that little act of kindness impacted that person’s day in a big way. All these little things are so important to focus on because they lead to the big. One of my favorite quotes is “a beautiful puzzle comes from tiny messy pieces.” So, take time to be big on the little things, and enjoy pumpkin spice while it's here.

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