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Opportunities and Open Doors

Written by Lexi Skipper (MC 20)


When I ran home to Chi O in August 2020, I was probably the most excited about meeting new people and making friends after a rough high school experience. I didn’t know much about sorority life other than it would be a great way to meet people that have the same interests as me. This proved to be true, and before my freshman fall semester came to a close, I got to know so many of my amazing new sisters, including my big, Nicky. Other than meeting new friends, something huge came from one of my conversations with my now friend Rachel Hendry: opportunity.

Rachel was (and still is!) so intentional when it came to getting to know me and everyone in Eta Delta. We facetimed early on that semester and I was telling her about my passion and determination to pursue the music industry post-college, a life path quite out of the ordinary compared to most. I told her about how I had no idea where to begin due to being overwhelmed by all the newness and excitement that I endured being a freshman at UF. It was after this that Rachel told me about UF’s Music Industry Club (Gator MIC), and I could not be more excited and grateful about this new opportunity that she led me to.

Joining the Gator MIC club, thanks to Rachel, has brought me SO many opportunities in the music industry, helping me to take more steps forward towards my dream career and life. It led me to another outside club where I have gotten to meet like-minded college students to create and collaborate with them. The club also led me to the incredible opportunity of being a marketing representative for in2une Music (a branch of AWAL), where I have gotten to meet and hear from so many inspiring artists. The cherry on top is that in club meetings, I learned so much about the industry and learned from guest speakers, one of which I found out was a Chi Omega at her college!

All in all, Chi Omega has not only been a loving environment for me to meet new people, but more importantly, it has opened so many doors for me and led me towards my future. I was so lost and honestly a bit hopeless when I couldn’t seem to find any opportunities for the music industry at UF coming into my freshman year, but just one sister helped change that for me! This chapter is filled with so many people with different interests and connections. You never know what, or who, someone might know about what you’re interested in pursuing!

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