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A Dream is a WISH Your Heart Makes

Growing up, I was exposed to various opportunities for community service and charity involvement, whether that was through my church or my family’s own doing. From feeding and washing clothes for a lineman crew during Hurricane Irma to providing school supplies and clothes for local students to sponsoring a child in Indonesia, I’ve had the opportunity to serve others, which has instilled so many values in me.

It is rewarding to take a step back and glance at the world from a perspective larger than our own. It is so important to be aware of our surroundings and be a helping hand for others. Diving into these situations gives us the chance to appreciate what we have been given while improving the lives of others. I wholeheartedly believe that we have been given talents and gifts for the purpose of helping others. Every person has the potential to be an asset to another’s life, so jump out of your comfort zone and dive right in! You are special and worthy!

This weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to grant a wish for a Make-A-Wish kid. Claire Shukys, Shailey Klein, Nidhi Kethineni, Lauren Driver and I threw a sweet little girl a Disney themed birthday party. As we transformed a casual golf course clubhouse room into a Disney wonderland, I couldn’t help but imagine how hard it must be to be in this sweet girl’s position. As someone who was in and out of the hospital all through high school, I have an even deeper appreciation for these circumstances. Although facing my own health battles took a toll on me, they pale in comparison to facing a life-threatening illness as a young child. I am so honored to have been able to grant a wish for a child and plant a seed of hope in her heart. Seeing her face light up as she walked through the doors is something I will never forget. My heart will forever be changed by this experience.

Thank you Chi Omega for giving me this opportunity. Thank you Chi Omega for the chance to be on the Make-A-Wish Executive team. Thank you Chi Omega for teaching me to love others like XO. Thank you Chi Omega for pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Thank you Chi Omega for giving me the resources to grow.

Chi Omega + Make-A-Wish = Happiness x 1000!!!

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