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Victoria’s Guide to the Perfect Galentine’s Day

The joy of a perfect Galentines Day might have to be one of my favorite discoveries since coming to college. It turned a holiday of feeling sorry for myself into a celebration of the girls around me that I loved the most. Because the truth is, Valentine’s Day is a holiday about love in all forms, friendships, family, and relationships alike.

Now, when planning the perfect Galentine’s day, there are a few things to consider: the friends, the food, and the fun! If you keep these three things in mind, it’s impossible to go wrong.

The Friends

The one thing you can’t do Galentine’s Day without is your friends or family. So reach out to your close girlfriends, and consider sending them cute handwritten invitations! Even the gesture of receiving an invitation is something so special, and your friends will feel genuinely appreciated. It’s the first step to a successful Galentine’s Day and sets the mood for an incredible time.

The Food

Food is arguably one of the best parts of Galentine’s Day. You get to buy or make food that matches the Valentine's Day theme, and there are no rules to what you can eat! Here are some fun ideas for food and snacks:

● Charcuterie Boards: Grab your girls and take a trip to Whole Foods- I promise you won’t regret it. They have so many cheeses to try and choose from, and you can build your own personal charcuterie board with cheeses you all love. (Don’t forget the meats, jams, and crackers to add a little flare to your board!) Of course, the best part is decorating- you can make that a part of your Galentine’s Day activities! ● Cake: Cake decorating with a lot of girls might be chaotic, but more than that, it’ll be fun! Grab a pre-made cake or cake mix (if you’re feeling extra crafty), some white, pink, and red icing, and some decorations for the top (think sprinkles, fruits, or even flowers). And when you’re all done, it’ll make for a perfect photo-op.

● Chips & Dip: Now, this one’s a classic. Grab a couple of giant bags of chips and a variety of dip flavors, and get dipping!

● Fruit Bar: Ask your friends what fruits they love, and have some pre-cut fruit to serve at your Galentine’s Day meet-up. Try getting some Nutella or Caramel Dip for the fruits for even more fun!

The Fun

Now onto the activities! It’s time to sit down and think about your friends and the things they enjoy. Are they outdoorsy, or do they prefer a night in? Do they like to play games, or would they rather chill and watch a movie? Figuring out the best activities to make everyone happy is the key to having a perfect Galentine’s Day. Here are some of my favorite activities for Galentine’s Day that you can try too!

● PowerPoint Night: Have all of your friends create a PowerPoint about the topic of their choice (and in light of Valentine’s Day, maybe a funny topic along the lines of love). Then set up the PowerPoint on your TV and have a blast!

● Bring a Board Game: Tell your friends to bring their favorite board game or card game and have a night either playing them all or voting on the best ones.

● Picnic in the Park: Find a nearby park or green space and have a picnic! This way, you can get some sun, play music from a speaker, and have time to catch up with your friends. ● Photoshoot: Now is your time to let your inner model shine. Have everyone come dressed their best and take pictures! You can even bring cute props to really make this a fun activity and get some great Instagram-worthy pictures while you’re at it.

And there you have it! A Galentine’s Day that you won’t forget. And while, of course, all of these things are nice to have at your Galentine get-together, remember that it’s the bonds you have with your girls that will truly make this day the best that it can be.

XOXO, Victoria McDonald

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