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Someone once told me I reminded them of sunshine. It was one of the kindest compliments I ever received. To be compared to something so radiant and positive filled me with inexplicable joy. I strived to emulate this feeling for others for the longest time, trying to pass on my energy and joy into

their lives and fill them with happiness. However, last year, I found myself drained of my light.

After experiencing various forms of loss over the year, my world flipped upside down, and I became a shell of myself. I felt so alone, and like there was this ginormous rain cloud that hung over me. The sunshine I once prided myself on having was no longer there. I didn’t know who to turn to, what to do, or how I would ever begin to feel okay. All felt lost.

Chi Omega is special to me for several reasons, but one of the most beautiful things it has brought into my life is friendship. Bound together by our sisterhood and values, I can confidently say every woman I’ve met in this chapter has been kind, intentional, and nothing short of a great friend. During a time where I felt unsure of who I was or what I should do next, this sisterhood and its friendship is what helped me find myself once again.

I could talk forever about the generosity and love my sisters showed me last year. Vanessa motivated me with her good luck texts before exams, and let me drag her to things like volleyball tournaments because it made me happy. Teyah helped me have the most memorable spring break and stayed up until 4 AM when I needed advice. Jaime was a constant beacon of kindness and showed up as my friend to be the best formal date a girl could ask for. Magen made me laugh with her hilarious jokes, but I listened better than anyone else as I talked through all my emotions. Sara went out of her way to ensure I never created distance from my friends and helped me make some of the best memories during spring. Kruthi brought advice, laughter, and love that could last me a lifetime, being the best twin and best friend I could have ever asked for.

My friends have truly been the biggest blessing in my life. I can’t begin to describe how special the memories I share with these women are. Dinners where we’re the loudest ones in the room, Marston study dates, “Gate dates” before chapter, nights out, trips, and so much more. Each of these girls helped bring light back into my life and filled me with endless love and gratitude. They prove to me that love is as golden as daylight (Kruthi will appreciate the Taylor Swift reference) and that love is what fuels one’s glow. My sunshine had never left; it had just set with the sun and was waiting to rise on a new day. My friends are what helped me rediscover my sunshine, and they are the reason that I glow.

With love,

Annmarie Muñecas, MC'22

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