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Spring Break 2023 with my Sisters

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is travel. It is so special to experience new and exciting adventures and a fun way to get to know each other better.

Although we see each other as often as possible, it is challenging to set aside uninterrupted quality time with each other with our busy schedules. We all decided that we wanted to spend spring break together. We set a meeting time early in the semester, brainstormed ideas of where we would like to go, and landed on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, just a few hours drive north of Gainesville. We planned meals to cook, made travel arrangements, and were excited all semester for the trip!

First, a few of us stopped in Savannah, Georgia, on the way to Hilton Head. We explored and found a beautiful city filled with local culture and history. We walked along the river, ate delicious food, looked at art, and appreciated the sunny, breezy weather. We quickly learned that Saint Patrick’s Day is a week-long celebration in Savannah and were greeted by green clothing, four-leaf clovers, and even an Irish band in a park in Savannah. The city was overflowing with life, and we enjoyed being a part of it for the short time we were there. Everyone else met up with us in Savannah the next day, where we browsed tacky tourist shops and eventually headed to Hilton Head to escape the rain.

In Hilton Head, most of us shared a room with seven beds and one bathroom. In addition, the weather was cooler than we had planned. While this seems like a painful situation, I am so happy we crammed into the house and stuck out the weather. Chi Omega has brought me people that make sharing a small space easily. We traded off on showering first, cooking meals, cleaning the dishes, and restocking at the grocery store, all while we had a fun and relaxing vacation full of some bundled-up time on the beach, board games, power-point nights, karaoke, and more. They made it easy to adapt to any unexpected trials of traveling to a new place. Although both Savannah and Hilton Head were beautiful, I can safely say the people made the trip so worth it.

I’m so thankful that Chi Omega has given me people that make everywhere feel like home. I’ve discovered that there is nothing like feeling so loved and supported. Whether we’re in Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina, I know that I can feel comfortable if I’m with my sisters, whether it’s when we’re trying new things or taking time to relax. This spring break was most definitely a time I will always cherish, and I am so happy I got to spend it with my best friends.

With love,

Grace Callahan, MC ‘21

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