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Sophomore Scaries: Recruitment in my 2nd Year

I went to a small high school, in a small town. Less than 130 people graduated with me, and none of my friends decided to go to UF. I came to this school open minded and open hearted. 

Going to a school away from my hometown, not knowing a single face out of the 30,000+ students, was terrifying on its own. Mixing in the new experiences, pressures, and progressions of freshman year of college as a first gen student made it even scarier. And to mix sorority recruitment into those fears? Freshman year me would have been beyond anxious. I had never known a single person who joined a sorority. 

I spent a whole year at UF before I decided to go through the recruitment process and join a sorority. My life did not end in that year— I got to find friends, hobbies, and passions on my own. I am very grateful to that year I took to find what makes me happy and what defines me as a person.

Sophomore year, I went on a whim and decided to register for recruitment. On. The. Deadline. I found a nice dress and filmed the quickest PNM video. I was so nervous I retook it 32 times. This felt like a big moment— who am I and how am I presenting myself?

The biggest feelings I remember during recruitment as a sophomore was calmness and pure excitement. As a sophomore, I was much more open-minded. I’ve had my own time to meet girls from these chapters on my own, and get a feeling for my connections to them. But these were not definitive, and I was able to go in not worried where I would come out. I never once had the stress of not getting a house back, not getting a bid, or not finding a fit because I knew these worries would be soothed one way or another. As a sophomore, I felt I had developed a sense of independence that allowed Greek life to become an addition to my life. I only intended on becoming a part of a sisterhood where I felt supported to maintain my own individuality and identity. While these anxieties would occasionally cross my mind during the process, I ultimately knew wherever I ended up, in a chapter or not, would be where I was intended to be.

Oh, recruitment was so fun! I love to chat about absolutely everything, and getting to meet so many different women and learn about them was such a fun experience. While the in-between process can be tiring in the heat and heels, I took it as a social battery recharge and an opportunity to meet girls who may or may not end up in the same chapter as me. Learning about each individual woman in the process was so fun, and I left most houses feeling not worried about how I presented myself but graced by being able to get to know someone and somewhere. 

Joining a sorority was a highlight of my life, even though I was worried it would consume my identity. My sisters and I have made so many memories, laughs and stories. There was a time in my life when I thought I would never be able to experience the beauty of girlhood and friendship, but I was proven so wrong. Having the opportunity to get to know so many different girls and what makes them unique has been one of my favorite aspects of joining. Not only do you get to do fun things with your friends, but you get to help push each other to develop further as women, as students, and as friends.  

I am so grateful I took a chance and decided to rush. A silly game of yapping introduced me to some of my best friends: creative, uplifting, dependable, hilarious, genuine and beautiful women who bring out the best in me while also embracing the worst. I thank God for bringing them into my life, and I hope they remain forever.

Bella Mulet, MC23

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