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Sisters Supporting Sisters, Always

The sisters of Chi Omega Eta Delta are unlike any other. They are genuine, passionate, and inspirational. The chapter women of Eta Delta truly embody the spirit of a Panhellenic woman–setting the standard for everyone around them.

During this lovely Women’s History month, I have reflected on many historical figures who contributed to bettering our society. On the same note, it is also important to acknowledge the sisters around me who have made my experience at the University of Florida the best it could possibly be.

On Bid Day, I already felt at home with Savannah Curry and Shannon Shulte giving me the warmest of welcomes. And the love hasn’t stopped there. Whether it’s Grace Maddron smiling at me during our Florida Leadership Academy sessions. Or Lauren Maya and Reeya Patel giving me the world’s best and biggest hugs. Or even Christiana Dirks, Sydney Kollas, and Caroline Lazarus just laughing constantly with me. Then there’s my biggest cheerleader, Ashley Polsenberg, who always checks up on me and helps me celebrate my successes. These women, and too many more to name, make my life better every single day. The Love In Chi Omega is so special and so real. We help each other to stay accountable, stay positive, and stay dreaming.

Outside of Chi Omega, the love doesn’t stop. Wherever I go, I am constantly greeted with smiles and happy faces from my fellow sisters. And even beyond this powerful sisterhood, the UF Panhellenic community has fostered an inclusive environment where Pan Love really does exist.

I am so thankful for this sisterhood welcoming me in and showing me what a real support system looks like. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t feel inspired and uplifted by my sisters in Eta Delta. Here at Chi Omega and the University of Florida, we are sisters supporting sisters, always.

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