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Sisterhood Runs Deeper Than Social Media

In high school, I watched my older sister and friends join the Panhellenic community. Though they were off starting the next chapters of their lives, Instagram and Facebook kept me updated on their experiences. I saw highlights of them forging lifelong friendships, undertaking impressive leadership roles and growing in the values that make them the women they are today. While watching through the lens of social media, 16-year-old Lauren knew that the Panhellenic community held something special that I was eager to become a part of.

Fast forward to my senior year. I was admitted to my dream college (Go Gators!), and I had the opportunity to join the Panhellenic community that I was so eager to become a part of. I remember following the University of Florida’s Panhellenic Instagram and Facebook page immediately, diligently scrolling through each post in awe of what my future held. Little did I know these social media platforms only showcased a small part of what was to come.

Joining Chi Omega my freshman fall proved that social media only showcased a fraction of what my future held. Social media did not capture the true depth and spirit of sisterhood this chapter is rooted in. Social media did not capture the intentionality of older members mentoring new members as we navigated our first weeks on campus. Social media did not capture the relief sisters felt stepping in the doors of Chi Omega after a long day. The women in this chapter quickly proved that the sisterhood of Chi Omega runs much deeper than social media.

The saying “social media is a highlight reel” carries a negative connotation, implying that what we see on social media is not real. Today, when I reflect on the past three years I have spent in this chapter, I could not disagree more.

Chi Omega’s social media “highlight reel” only scratches the surface of our truth. Our social media showcases the energetic, lively and adventurous spirits of the women in this chapter. What our social media does not reveal is the little moments every day behind the scenes that make this chapter and sisterhood what it is.

Social media does not capture sisters gathered around the piano singing Bohemian Rhapsody. It does not capture the support during triumphs and tribulations. It does not capture the hours spent studying at the library or eating at the house together. It does not capture the laughs that cause bellyaches. It does not capture the enduring diligence in each woman as she fervently serves in leadership roles on campus, balances school and part-time work, secures impressive internships and makes her mark with research on campus.

The little moments every day that social media does not capture are our secrets to keep and cherish. Chi Omega laid the foundation for my college experience, and I could not be more grateful for the lessons, values, friendships, and memories this chapter has given me. If only I could go back and tell freshman-year Lauren about the experiences and memories she was going to live beyond what she saw on social media because Chi Omega’s sisterhood certainly runs deeper than what is seen on Instagram and Facebook.

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