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Ode to Phoebe

Chi Omega is more than a college experience; it’s an opportunity to build lifelong friendships. When I first met Phoebe Ferguson (MC '17), I was a sophomore at UF and had been part of Chi Omega for only a few weeks. That first night we hung out, in the fall of 2019, she was showing me her room in-house when we fell deep into conversations about the books we read and our mutual love for The Lumineers. She impressed me from the start. Not only as she pretty and cool, but she was also incredibly smart with witty jokes. She was thoughtful and intentional with her friends and had the kind of spirit that could surprise you just when you think you know her.

A few weeks later, I was hoping and praying the secret notes and big/little baskets were from her. The moment she became my big at our reveal, I knew she would become one of my closest friends. Despite the changes since that fall, my moving into room 19 as she moved out, graduations and summers apart, even the chaos of the pandemic, our friendship has endured.

Now, as she begins her PhD studies and I prepare to graduate, the time we spend with one another is intentional, and I can tell nothing has changed. This spring break, we booked flights to Utah and spent the week skiing together. We goofed around catching snowflakes on our tongues and skiing backward down the hill, only to come home and crash on the hotel floor snacking on Cheetos while the blood returned to our feet after being in boots all day. Not only can you be yourself with a friend like her, but you know she’ll join in the silliness too.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that Chi O has given me to make valuable lifelong friends like Phoebe. I am confident that Phoebe and I will remain friends for many years to come, and I am excited for all of our future adventures together!

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