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Cutest In-Your-Closet Costumes for Halloween This Year!

Every year is the same. You tell yourself you’ll buy your Halloween costume early, and you’ll have it all prepared in advance. Before you know it, Halloween is around the corner, and all you have is last year’s (also last-minute) costume. But even with the limitations of your closet, there are many ways you can put together a costume and still make your mark this Halloween. All you need is a little DIY-ing and thinking outside of the box.


This one is funny, easy, and a certified Halloween classic. You can never go wrong with a white sheet and a couple of eye holes. Boo!


Zombie Girl might be the easiest costume to make just because of the creative freedom it allows. You can wear anything you want– but probably steer clear of anything you want to wear again (things might get a little messy).

Pull out your black/brown/green makeup palettes and get to work on making your outfit and your skin look, well, dead. Add a little red if you’re feeling it. Grab scissors or start ripping. Got any dead flowers lying around? Bring those, too. Tip: Teasing your hair makes all the difference. In the end, you’ll have a look that no one can beat. No seriously. The worse it looks, the better.


We all know how iconic Barbie is, and the one great thing about Barbie is that she’s all about letting the imagination run wild! Anything pink goes. Choose from the limitless inspiration of Barbie outfits, ranging from the original Barbie movies to live-action fashion. Chances are, you already have some pink items from the Barbie Movie’s release (was there any other choice but to go all out for the movie?).


Maybe you’ve been to Gasparilla; perhaps you haven’t. Regardless- the chances you have something pirate-themed in your closet are higher than you might think. You only need a white button-down shirt, black bottoms, and a red bandana (or a makeshift bandana with a red t-shirt). Grab all the smoky-eye essentials and get to work on your eyes.

You can even go the extra mile and DIY an eye patch from old t-shirts and any round plastic items you might have lying around. Finish the look with black boots and black fishnets, and you’re ready to set sail.

SECRET AGENT SPY It’s no secret that being a spy for Halloween would be a hit. And even better, all you need to do is wear black. No, that’s all. Wear all black– the fancier, the better, but even just a long-sleeved shirt/black pants or a black dress will do the trick. Complete your look with a neat, slick-back hairdo and some shades, and you are ready to get out in the field.

Don't let the lack of a store-bought Halloween costume dampen your spirits. Instead of stressing about finding the perfect costume, embrace the DIY challenge. With some imagination and a few simple accessories, you can transform ordinary clothes into extraordinary Halloween attire. So go ahead, raid your closet, and have a truly spooktacular Halloween!

Happy Halloween,

Victoria McDonald, MC '21

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