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A Love Letter From a Senior

A love letter from a senior,

As my time as an undergraduate student comes to a close, I’m taking time to reflect on the past four years of my life.

I started out my freshman year at UCF with the aspirations of becoming a dentist. I became really involved in the pre-dental association there, but at the end of my freshman year found myself already bored of the career. I ended up changing my major three times. The third time was the charm, and I found my love for speech-language pathology. Change your major if you’re unhappy or uninterested, it’s your life.

Before my sophomore year began, I decided to go through sorority recruitment to meet new people. I LOVED recruitment at UCF and ended up finding my home in the Psi Mu chapter of Chi Omega! I tried to get myself involved as soon as I could by joining our chapter’s dance team for the Zeta Lip Sync event benefiting the Breast Cancer Awareness Society. I met some of my closest friends in that chapter through that event. If there is one thing I can emphasize for someone to do in college is to be involved in something. It is never too late to get yourself into an organization, even if you are in your last year of college. There are so many different organizations that are available for you to join. To start, I recommend looking at the list of organizations on the SGA website, writing down every organization that sounds interesting to you, and following up by looking more into each one. Find something that brings you joy, not everything has to be a resume booster.

I decided to transfer to UF for the last two years of my program, and oh what a joy it has been! Although COVID-19 impacted my first-year experiences, I have loved living in Gainesville and exploring all the things that make this city special. I wish I had taken the time sooner to visit different parts of the city and go to more vintage markets on the weekends. I was thankful to have a place to go to that felt like home in the lonely times of isolation. The Eta Delta chapter has been very welcoming from the moment I stepped foot into the house. I loved being at the house so much, I decided to live in it for my senior year! If you join a Panhellenic chapter here at UF, I would highly suggest living in the house. I have grown closer with many women in my chapter that I am lucky enough to call my friends.

Things I wish I would have done sooner:

Joined more organizations outside of my profession Attended at least one of each type of sporting event Went into every building on campus Explored more of the city like downtown, local shops, infamous restaurants Took more pictures and printed them out Talked to that group of people who would eventually become my friends Took classes with RecSports Grabbed free Gatorade from the infirmary Got a Krishna lunch (it’s only $5 for a loaded plate!) Attended Gator Nights events

I (somehow) only have two months of classes left in my undergraduate career before I wrap up what I have been working toward for all these years. I have been accepted into a graduate program for speech-language pathology, which is a whole new adventure I am looking forward to. Gainesville has brought me so many happy memories and has helped me grow beyond measure. I can proudly say that in my two years at this university I have accomplished so much, met so many amazing people, and cherished every day here.

Things I appreciate more now that I am a senior:

My family, my dog, and my friends The spirit of Gator Nation Walking around campus Studying sessions at the libraries Collective stress about exams Naps A good coupon book

People don’t lie when they say to enjoy college while you are in it. You will blink and it will somehow already be over. Hug your friends tightly, take in every moment you can and enjoy these years of your life. Do the things that make you happy.

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