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  • Harper Grabenhorst

A Letter to MC '22

Dear Member Class 2022,

Reading this, you probably have no idea who I am, but during your first few months here at Chi Omega, I hope I am able to become a friend and a confidant. My name is Harper, and I am the New Member Educator for your member class. I am beaming with joy to be able to share with you all the amazing people, friendships and opportunities Eta Delta has to offer. I can only imagine how overwhelming this all is for you: moving away from home, starting college classes, balancing all the new social things, etc. I promise you that this chapter and these women exist to make this transition as seamless as possible while building and empowering you into the best version of yourself.

I was once in your shoes a short year and a half ago. Amidst COVID, I spent my first semester at home, not a part of the hyped college experience. Arriving on campus in the spring, I was excited, scared and overwhelmed all at the same time. Like you, I was eager to find my people and make friends that would last a lifetime, all while feeling the pressure to fit in immediately and find the people that made Gainesville feel like home away from home. I went into the spring recruitment process with total optimism and hope that I would find like-minded women. I spoke to so many amazing people in many different Panhellenic chapters and felt so welcomed everywhere I went. However, there was something special when I spoke to the women of Chi Omega. Just upon my first conversations with these women, I felt welcomed, accepted and seen for who I was. So quickly, I found myself sitting at meals, studying and hanging out in the living room with some of the most genuine girls I had ever met. Surrounded by those who made me laugh until my sides hurt and also could motivate and believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself, I knew I had found my home. I remember so vividly, after a late-night walk with a sister, sitting on the Chi Omega back porch and feeling that I had finally found a home away from home.

Fast-forward a year later and I have the honor and privilege to welcome you to a place so very dear to my heart. My hope is that you are able to find friendships that encourage you to become the best version of yourself, love and accept you for all the wonderful traits that you hold and show you the compassion and kindness that all the women in Eta Delta exhibit. In the past year, I have grown to become a version of myself that I am so proud of. I feel constantly supported and loved by the women of this chapter. I have seen patience, love and joy in its most simple and human form. For the first time in my life, I have felt seen for all that I truly am and all that I want to be.

I cannot wait to watch you fall in love with Chi Omega in all the same ways I did and be there for you every step of the way. Cheers to the adventure!

All my love,

XOXO Harper Grabenhorst

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