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5 Things to do in Gainesville this Fall

This time of year is my absolute favorite. With the changing weather (kind of), I found myself wanting to do more things outside. I wanted to share some easy and fun activities to do this fall season to help detox during the crazy midterm season.

Here are five affordable things to do in Gainesville this fall!

1. Go to the Downtown Library and Host a Book Club Reading Night

Already read all the books in the Chi Omega library? Try the Alachua Country Headquarters! Get a couple of your friends and adventure downtown for some book browsing. Afterward, host a book club party with all of your favorite fall foods and drinks.

2. Host a Friendsgiving Dinner

Before leaving for break, celebrate with close ones by hosting a Friendsgiving dinner. Have everyone bring a dish and host a family-style dinner. Put away the phones and have a good time with the ones you love most.

3. Hammock at Lake Alice

From personal experience, this is such a pretty and relaxing activity to do. I went the other day with my little, and we had the best time. Don't forget snacks and ‘hang out' for a few hours. If it's chilly out, grab some blankets to buddle up in your hammock.

4. Support Different Local Thrift Stores

Another fun adventure to do with friends if you are looking to explore some more. Instead of shopping online, check out the different unique thrift stores. Here are a couple that I found and tested:

  • CHS Upscale Thrift Shop

  • Outreach Thrift Store

  • Waldo Flea Market

5. Adventure to the Devils Milhooper for an Autumn Hot Girl Walk

Devils Milhooper state park is only a 20-minute drive from Chi Omega and is a perfect place for an HGW. The park is open from 8 am to sundown every day of the week. The admission fee is $4 per vehicle. This is a good idea if you are looking for a break from studying and want to do something physical.

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